Beware - March is upon us

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Beware - March is upon us

Postby Martee on Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:21 pm

After 3 months (Dec, Jan and Feb) of golfing, first of which I should be happy with the fact I was able to just get out and play, I should also recognize and accept that weather and course conditions were less than normal, but I did get to play and have some good fellowship.

Well my overall performance was disappointing and though I did attempt a few changes I mostly went with what I had, good or bad. Changes going for middle of green (good stuff), eye glasses were a bust, Rhythm/Tempo a good change. But for March we have expectations.

Recap of last 3 months performance (it went south)
- Only played 28 full rounds (which I should be happy about)
- Fairways 78% (`11/14)
- GIRs 46% (~8.5/18) [normal is 10]
- Total Putts 35 [normal is 32]
- Up-n-Down 23% [normal is 40%]
- 3 Putt per round 2.5 [normal is 0.5]
- Scoring Avg a Butt Ugly 82 [normal is 78]

Having 2 days before March is off and running. Just returning my putting average and up-n-down stats back to normal gets my scoring back to normal.

My inconsistency on the greens and around the greens I am leaning to writing off to the lack of touch/feel I have. I figured out how to get around the bulky clothes for cold weather, but I haven’t been successful in keeping the hands warm. Gloves, pocket heaters, none seem to let me have a sense for what I am doing on these shots, very, very inconsistent.

I seem to misread what the ball will do when it hits the putting surface or fringe on the chips/pitches most of the time. When I think it will run out, I am short, when I think it will stop, I am long. Kind of like I have my wires crossed, doing the opposite I should. Now you have a 50/50 chance of making a ball mark on the green, some are normal, others are a slight indentation if that. But until you hit it, you don’t know. Putting has been a challenge, the area around the cups are questionable at times, a ball will roll up and break off left or right depending upon which side of center you are on. The green speeds are all over the place, some are fast others are slow, the slow ones seem to give me the most challenge and you don’t know it if is going to be slow or fast. So much for excuses, time for me to suck it up and play golf.

I have managed to improve my rhythm/tempo and I even have some lower body movement, fitness program is working sort of, and of course I am behind in that area, but weight has stayed off, in fact I am within 7 pounds of my goal and 1/2 inch of my waist goal (165 and 32).

Let March Come in …….
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